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Mandala Consulting can offer a wide range of psychometric assessments such as personality, aptitude, behavioural and organisational assessments (work profiling etc.). Assessments vary depending on the needs of the particular organization and the applicant’s level of employment or education.

For the purpose of employee screening, recruitment or development, a comprehensive test battery can be recommended. Once the applicant has completed the test battery, a holistic report is compiled and feedback is delivered.

However if your organisation has other requirements, a test battery can be compiled to meet those specific needs. Not all the tests in the battery may be necessary for every participant, therefore a package can be tailor made for your organization. Most assessments can be done electronically over the internet.  In this regard, the physical location of the prospective candidates as an obstacle for assessment and the cost incurred to bring such a prospective candidate to a central location for testing is ruled out. The on-line tests are well governed, and candidates (whether they are successful or not) will be entitled to receive feedback on their assessments by a qualified and registered consultant after the assessments are completed.  The feedback and interview process can all be done ‘virtually’ by means of a telephone conversation.

Mandala Consulting is committed to offering our clients a large and extensive range of world class psychological assessments available. If you require an assessment not located on our website, Mandala’s dedicated team will search far and wide to locate and deliver to you the psychological assessment you may wish to purchase.

We are committed to offer you advanced solutions which use:

   Valid and reliable assessment tools;
   World-renowned research and development institutions;
   Online assessment with automated administration
   Experienced qualified team of Organisational and Clinical Psychologists;
   Interpretation of results and feedback

Uses for Psychometry

   Leadership development
   Performance management
   Strategic Analysis

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Mandala Consulting is a Service SETA accredited Provider (Decision nr 1976)

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