Differences in approach between working Rogerian (humanistic) and working psychoanalytical  (Rica Viljoen)
   Exploring the concept of African Spiritual Consciousness  (Rica Viljoen)
   The Catalyst Newsletter - February 2014
   Da Vinci Institute Article - Blue Karoo Trust  (Rica Viljoen)
   Thought leadership on innovation in business, Smart Procurement Review, 2013: 28 - 30 (Dr RC Viljoen and Prof B Anderson)
   Exploring the concept of African Spiritual Consciousness
   Da Vinci Newsletter (December 2012)
   Nice companies do finish first (Johan Poolman)
   Skoonheid besoek Potchefstroom (Susan Cilliers)
   Gun jouself 'n kans (by die werk)  (RiŽtte Rust)
   The use of Industrial Theatre in Organisations (Rica Viljoen)
   Organisational climate and culture sustainability through employee engagement and customer experience causality (Rica Viljoen & Adri Drotskie)
   Africa is not for sissies (Rica Viljoen)
   Towards understanding the importance of organisational culture and climate (Rica Viljoen)
   Sustainable organisational transformation through inclusivity  (DBL Thesis - Rica Viljoen, September 2008)
   Real Leaders donít do Disciplinaries  (Da Vinci Institute News, July 2011, Vol 5, Issue 1)
   Towards understanding the importance of organisational culture and climate (Mindset Newsletter 11/13)
   Managing Diversity - the key differentiator in the new world of work (Management Today, June 2010, Vol 28, no. 5, page 23 & 24)
   Gun Jouself 'n Kans (Sarie April 2010, nr. 4, p176-179)
   Corporate Interview with Dr Rica Viljoen (Impumelelo 2010 - South African Top Empowerment Companies, page 117)
   Employee Engagement - A building block for sustainable organisational performance (Management Today, Oct 2009, Vol 27, no. 9, page 41)
   Creating Inclusivity Through Storytelling
   Secrets of Remarkable Workplaces
   Single Serving Friends
   Your Emotional Suitcase
   When using the Tavistock approach
   Integration: The Gift of 21st Century Female Leadership
   Jung Pages
   Index to Jung's Collected Works
   The Mother Archetype
   Consciousness: Prometheus Myth
  ●   The Dream: Its Importance in Analysis (Part 1)
  ●   Analysing Dreams: Associations (Part 2)
  ●   Analysing Dreams: Amplification (Part 3)
  ●   Psychological Types

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