Wellness Coaching refers to a coaching journey between an experienced coach and a client where specific goals are set and worked towards.  The focus is on attaining emotional, social, physical and spiritual wellness and achieving a healthy work-life balance.

Dr Beverley Peens-Hartman

Dr Beverley Peens-Hartman is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist who specialises in both Clinical Psychology and Organisational Change and Development. She completed a Bachelors, Honours, Masters and Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at the University of the Free State and practiced as a Clinical Psychologist in Bloemfontein for 10 years before engaging in the field of Organisational Development and Wellbeing both nationally and  internationally.  Alongside  of  these  two practice fields, she also lectured and supervised pre- and post-graduate students in the field of Child, Adolescent and Adult Clinical Psychology and presently lectures on People Processes in organisations. Her clinical focus has always been in the fields of Anxiety and Depression, Child Psychology, Neuropsychology and the emotional treatment and management of Chronic Pain and Terminal Disease. She has published 8 international academic articles and four popular articles for topical magazines. From 2000, she became involved in a broad spectrum of transformational initiatives and interventions in a variety of national and international organisations and is presently a director and co-owner of Mandala Consulting and Mandala Wellness and is the creator of The Stress Box. Her career focus is on Journeys of Healing, Organisational Change and Development Process consultation, Transformational Stretch initiatives, Climate and Culture study research, Leadership Development, Executive Coaching and consulting on sustainable Wellness initiatives within organisations.

The Stress Box was born out of the desire to share knowledge and information about successful coping strategies for all people, so that a greater awareness around one of the world’s biggest threats to human functioning could be more adequately and holistically addressed. The Stress Box is a one stop, self help box that has been carefully put together in order to offer as many people as possible the best preventative tools available to help in combating the most prevalent diseases of our time. Dr Peens-Hartman has a passion for wellbeing, healing and journeying with people to achieve a healthy balance in their life and restore quality in all they do. You will feel this once you engage with the box and implement the SARI and VIDA principles she teaches.

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